A review of the Kitty Glitter Slot Machine Game

If you love your cats and kittens, and many people do, there is no better slot machine of choice to play than the Kitty Glitter Slot Machine! Whether you play it at a real casino, or you play the online version of Kitty Glitter Slot Machine, this game will have you feeling super great and here we’ll present you with our review. If you want to read about bingo, check out this bingo blog.

So, the Kitty Glitter Slot Machine is a very popular slot machine game both in real casinos, clubs, bars and most other casinos (online and offline) around the world. In fact, while this particular slot machine game has been available to play online for a while now, most cat and kitten lovers love to play it like they’ve taken catnip!

In this Kitty Glitter Slot Machine review, we’ll talk about how the game actually works and how to play it as well as our tips and recommendations on it when you do. Now as you can see, this slot machine game is based on all things cats. In fact, there are four different cat symbols that show on the win lines when you spin them. Continue reading